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Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring

An integrated proactive-monitoring service for IT system reliability and performance monitoring. This product provides instant insights into the availability and performance of all your apps, websites, and digital websites.

Cloudwise APM

Analyzes the impact of applications on your business through Real User Monitoring (RUM) and focuses on the quality of business transactions, which allows you to track and diagnose end-to-end performance issues.

Cloudwise ITIM

An integrated and comprehensive monitoring service for infrastructures such as IT infrastructure and Internet of Things to ensure the system performance.

Cloudwise ITSM

Guided by the value-based methodology of ITIL 4, this product provides you with a new generation of IT service management solution with the features of collaborative, intelligent, agile, and efficient to increase productivity and achieve new insights.

Cloudwise CMDB

Manages metadata of enterprise IT operation systems and ensures the accuracy and uniqueness of data, and supports data-consumption scenarios including operation monitoring, service management, operation automation, operation analysis based on configurable and maintainable data.

Cloudwise Log Analytics

Unified collection, processing, storage, and query analysis of PB multi-source and discrete logs. This product allows you to query and collect log data from all of your resources and transform the collected data into analytics.

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