Know user feelings across the globe

Show global user requests by heat map in real time. Help you check the detailed user experience in different areas by drilling down from the map.

Monitor every single page of your website

Analyze website performance through page loading. Capture all the detailed information of page loading, including page download time, TCP connecting time, server responding time, and more.

Deep insight for AJAX/JS errors

Mitigate site performance issues, collect JavaScript errors, metrics, such as stack, AJAX, occurrence time, which can help you find and fix JS errors, and optimize the website performance.

Multi-variable analysis helps to locate problems

Support the analysis of browser-based app performance across pages, geography, devices, browsers, and more, to focus on specific performance issues for improvement, which helps you fix issues from different dimensions.

Monitor user journey for VIP experience

Visually monitor user journey and experience, and capture user ID by configuration if necessary. You can obtain the information from sessions, cookies, and parameters in URLs conveniently. Drill down to the individual user experience to respond quickly and resolve web app/site performance issues efficiently.