Resolve user-impacting issues and increase user satisfaction

Optimize the end-user experience by capturing the metrics of each interaction with your mobile app in a user journey, identify the most important segment of your mobile app, and figure out who will be impacted by crashes, errors, freezes, and network slowdown. Resolve issues before users are impacted.

Ensure network requests are faster and correct

Track the end-user experience, decompose the time consuming of network requests though waterfall diagrams, and identify whether a request or network is causing poor app performance.

Pinpoint the root causes of crashes immediately

Capture crash stack traces, reproduce crash steps, and fix crashes before users complain. Correlate crash events with users sessions for analytics. Let you better understand why and how apps crashes.

Multi-dimensional analytics helps understand your data better

Get data insight from different dimensions. Filter data based on multiple dimensions, such as APP version, OS version, device type, ISP type, and more, to discover and resolve issues.

End-to-end request analytics

Trace app requests from frontend to backend. Monitor the time consuming of each process, such as TCP, DNS, and DOM, obtain deep visibility into application code, including stacks, database calls, and infrastructure metrics, and improve performance by locate the slowest method.