Auto-discover applications and map topologies

Map all the components continuously to get a complete view of your applications and operating environment to discover hidden errors in seconds.

Capture transaction snapshots and trace in code level

Capture transaction snapshots across every tier, and provide deep visibility into application code, including stacks, database calls, and more. Analyze the correlation between application behavior and performance to quickly identify the root cause.

Monitor transactions for perfect business

Automatically discover web transactions, and associate each transaction with related services according to business process and data relationship. Track every business transaction with fast and deep diagnostics, and help to evaluate the quality and risk of business KPIs.

Monitor SQL/NoSQL database

Visualize the entire SQL/NoSQL performance through end-to-end transactions, provide performance metrics for each database statement, and help identify and resolve database issues that impact application performance.

Trace user session for high-quality experience

Trace individual user behaviors in a web transaction, get full insight of each user journey with fast and deep diagnostics, and identify the performance issues caused by web system, code, middleware, or database.

AI: enables smarter performance management
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