Cloudwise APM gains a deep insight into your application and provides perfect services by continuously monitoring and optimizing your application

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Track performance issues, and quickly locate application issues such as slowness, errors, and exceptions to ensure service performance

Auto-discover applications and map topologies

Capture transaction snapshots and trace at code level

Monitor SQL/NoSQL database

Trace user session for high-quality experiencen

Monitor transactions for perfect business

Map all the components continuously to get a complete view of your applications and operating environment to discover hidden errors in seconds.

Capture transaction snapshots across every layer and provide deep visibility into application code, such as stacks and database calls. Analyze the correlation between application behavior and performance to quickly identify the root cause.

Visualize the entire SQL/NoSQL performance by using end-to-end transactions, provide performance metrics for each database statement, and identify and resolve database issues that impact application performance.

Trace behaviors of a single user in a web transaction, get full insight of each user journey with fast and deep diagnostics, and identify the performance issues caused by web systems, code, middleware, or databases.

Automatically discover web transactions and associate each transaction with related services based on business process and data relationship. Track every business transaction with fast and deep diagnostics to evaluate the quality and risk of business KPIs.

Continuously monitor, analyze, and improve the performance of apps and browser-side applications to improve the end user experience

Solve problems and improve user satisfaction

Ensure faster and correct network requests

Pinpoint root causes of crashes immediately

Understand your data better by multi-dimensional analysis

Perform end-to-end request analysis

Know user feelings across the globe

Monitor every page of your website

Gain a deep insight for AJAX/JS errors

Locate problems by multidimensional analysis

Monitor user journey for VIP experience

Optimize the end-user experience by capturing the metrics of each interaction with your mobile app in a user journey, identify the most important segment of your mobile app, and figure out who will be impacted by crashes, errors, freezes, and network slowdown. Resolve issues before users are impacted.

Track the end-user experience, decompose the time consumption of network requests by using waterfall charts, and identify whether a request or network causes poor app performance.

Capture crash stack traces, reproduce crash steps, and fix crashes before users complain. Correlate crash events with user sessions for analysis. This helps users better understand why and how apps crashes.

Obtain data insight from different dimensions. Filter data based on multiple dimensions, such as APP version, OS version, device type, and ISP type, to discover and resolve issues.

Trace app requests from frontend to backend. Monitor the time consumption of each process, such as TCP, DNS, and DOM, obtain deep visibility into application code, such as stacks, database calls, and infrastructure metrics, and improve performance by locating the slowest method.

Show global user requests by heat map in real time to check the detailed user experience in different areas by drilling down from the map.

Analyze website performance by loading page. Capture all the detailed information, such as page download time, TCP connecting time, and server responding time.

Mitigate site performance issues, collect errors and metrics of JavaScript, such as stack, AJAX, and occurrence time, which helps you find and fix JS errors, and optimize the website performance.

Analyze browser-based app performance based on pages, geography, devices, and browsers, to focus on specific performance issues, which helps you fix issues from different dimensions.

Visually monitor user journey and experience, and capture user ID by configuration if necessary. You can obtain the information from sessions, cookies, and parameters in URLs conveniently. Drill down to the individual user experience to respond quickly and resolve web app/site performance issues efficiently.

User scenarios

Automatically discover global application topology

Auto-discover applications and map topologies. Map all the components continuously to view your applications and operating environment to discover hidden errors in seconds.

Behavior analysis

Analyze problematic behaviors by statistics of behaviors, determine the scope of influence, and optimize them to perfect your experience.

Code-level performance problem location

Locate the slowest element with one click by tracing the stack, and quickly find the specific reasons of slow response and optimization methods.

Downtime optimization

By capturing crash and freeze information, track and analyze related threads in depth, trace files and information, restore operation trajectory, and troubleshoot and locate the root cause of the problem.

API interface monitoring

Find slow SQL statements in the application by database analysis, and identify database issues in reading and writing to optimize database performance.

JS error analysis

By monitoring the JS errors occurred during web page visits, analyze error stack and the causes of errors in depth.

Multidimensional performance analysis

Analyze browser performance from multiple dimensions such as region, browser, web page, and operator, and quickly locate various problems to improve your experience.


Smart agent

Each host needs only to install one agent to automatically inject the probe and collect performance data of all running applications.

Container-based microservice
architecture monitoring

Support microservice monitoring in Docker, K8s and other environments. Quickly locate performance bottlenecks in a large-scale and changeable microservice environment.

Automatic topology discovery

By deploying probes, each module of the monitored application system is automatically discovered and the relationship between each business module is automatically tracked to form the overall topology of the application system without manual configuration.

End-to-end request analysis

By concatenating the entire request, you can break down the response time of frontend loading, network connection, and backend response, and accurately locate performance bottlenecks.

Professional data reports

Provide customized daily, weekly, and monthly reports to facilitate users to trace historical data and troubleshoot faults based on specific time.

Lightweight and ultra-high performance

Support a large number of business transactions every day without the need to pay a large amount of traffic.

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