With the continuous development of enterprise intelligent operation, CMBD has become more and more significant as an operation data governance strategy. Traditional configuration management has some problems such as poor data quality, single consumption scenario, and inability to support business. Cloudwise CMBD fully manages enterprise IT operation metadata, ensures the accuracy of data, and enhances operation monitoring, service management, operation automation, and operation analysis by configurable and maintainable data.

User scenarios

Standardized management of resources

Dispersed information is processed and integrated automatically and manually. The relationship between information and resources is maintained accurately, and the changing process of information is recorded. Combined with service management, the flow and standardized management of resources are realized.

Assets management

Manage the whole lifecycle of assets from purchase to scrap recovery. Record the states of assets in time by combining service management, and provide multi-dimensional query ability to secure data for asset statistics and analysis.

IT monitoring and fault analysis

Maintain the relationship between the underlying infrastructure and the upper-layer business, and quickly analyze the impact, and adopt the countermeasures when an equipment fails. Judge the influence range before resource changes to make correct decisions.

Automated operations

Provide accurate equipment and component information for automated operation tools by using automated operation tools, and support automated operation scenarios such as automated deployment, fault self-healing, and DevOps.

IT service management

Configuration items are associated with services to support the operation of equipment failure, change, and release processes by the combination of ITIL and products. Find the associated configuration caused by equipment failures and changes in operation, and ensure the accuracy of data through the process.

Safety and audit

Track the resource change process, and accurately record the audit information of operators, operation time and operation types. Therefore, all changes can be traced back and recovered, which is convenient for security analysis and ensures data security.


dynamic modeling

Organize and manage software and hardware resources of users from a business perspective. Support cross-level construction of business topological relations. Complex and heterogeneous requirements can be easily met.

Diversified automatic
data collection

Automatically collect configuration item information of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers by Agent, Agentless, and API. Support data federation and reconciliation, and ensure the comprehensiveness and accuracy of configuration item information.

Mainstream map databases

Use advanced technology architecture and first-class graph databases to store configuration data. It is easy to maintain the relationship of massive configuration data.

visual configurations

Topological associations such as business and network are constructed from different dimensions to meet resource relationship management and user needs in different scenarios.

Standard and extensive API

Provide a standard, universal, and comprehensive API interface, which can efficiently interact with Cloudwise products and third-party products, integrate resources, and provide data support for consumption scenarios such as service management, operation monitoring, and automatic operation.

Professional configuration
management consulting

Cooperate with partners and experts to provide customers with all-in-one configuration management consulting.

Successful cases

Bank of Chongqing

Sichuan Telecom


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