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Founded jointly by PetroChina and Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A in 2007, Generali China Insurance is the first property insurance company of Sino-foreign joint venture. Excellent shareholder resources and long historical basis are the foundation for long-term development of Generali China Insurance. Generali China Insurance always insists on the service idea and is committed to becoming the first-class insurance company in China with the best and most satisfactory insurance solutions for customers. Generali China Insurance introduces the world-leading insurance knowledge and experience and provides customers with personalized, diversified and comprehensive insurance products in Chinese market, mainly including life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, investment insurance and group employee benefit plan. These products have a broad protection range, flexible rates, comprehensive interest protection and can be configured freely, thereby forming a product series with distinctive characteristics and innovative advantages. Generali China Insurance People adhere to the service idea of “customer first” and provide customers with all-round, professional and high-quality services wholeheartedly. The timeliness and quality of claims services has always ranked the top in the industry. Meanwhile, it is necessary to advocate differentiated services and constantly enrich the innovation service. Global emergency rescue and direct paid medical care are the characteristic services of Generali China Insurance. Therefore, customers can enjoy the excellence and honor of first-class insurance company.

Customer Pain Point


1. Basic monitoring deviation: Database and some Windows systems are not monitored;

2. Implementation of ITSM and CMDB is lagging behind;

3. The value of application performance monitoring tool is insufficient;

4. With the increasing dependence of users on informatization, the operation work of Information Department is more and more tedious, and the working pressure is higher and higher;

5. The systemaltization and normalization degree of operation is inadequate and totally relies on the personal ability and attitude of team members.



Establish a unified monitoring platform based on monitoring through service process management; Empower daily operation and business operation with diversified visual data display and standard operation management process.


1. Establish an ITSM management system based on ITIL management theory, including configuration management, process management platform and automatic operation platform, and realize seamless connection between monitoring and operation and partial operation automation;

2. Build an operation data platform, and access, process, analyze and display the dispersed basic equipment data, application system interactive data and peripheral data (such as active directory, log system and NPM system) uniformly;

3. Present the information of business transaction, system running status, resource performance, process management and work order tracking on the large screen from different perspectives in combination with the needs of visualization of operation and maintenance.



1. Service management: Preliminarily establish unified service management standards, engineering standards, and unified operation and maintenance management methodology, as well as a service management system with the service counter as the dispatching center and the operation and maintenance management process and service report as the centralized expression form;

2. Process control: Preliminarily achieve the visualization and quantification of operation and maintenance process, as well as the comprehensive analysis and presentation of service data (such as service request, fault resolution, service level, etc.);

3. Refinement of management: Standardize the content of IT service management and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance through the refined management process of gradually splitting and solidifying the operation and maintenance process;

4. Operation and maintenance planning: Strengthen the planning of operation and maintenance work, and ensure that the scope, object, content, quality and resources of operation and maintenance are planned in advance;

5. Break through data barriers, improve operation and maintenance efficiency and improve management level under the premise of taking the construction of digital operation IT service management (ITSM) system as the entry point of operation and maintenance management.

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