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A bank credit card center launches credit card products with utmost effort. With both global and local strengths, the center is devoted to launching the "globally universal cards for Chinese people". As an advocate of new consumer culture and payment experience, its special offers and considerate services are available around the world.

Operation pain point analysis


With the change of China's banking business model, IT architecture is also evolving. Banks began to provide cloud-based, container-based, and micro-service-based business systems in batches. The system architecture becomes more complex and the operation also faces great challenges. On the one hand, the "business" has become the inevitable demands of operations. IT is the business concept (IT system has become a necessary component of the business development) and has been widely cognitive. Therefore, how to keep IT system sustained, stable and efficient, and identify and resolve problems before the business department become the focus of operation department. On the other hand, with the expansion of operations, it is difficult keep up with the speed of operations of large-scale and complex IT systems to publish the concepts such as sensitive state and steady state. This puts forward a higher challenge to the construction of operation system. Under the current background, the operation of the banking industry faces the following pain points:

No concentration on “business continuity”: To improve end user experience, shift the focus from applications, services, and middleware to business and scenarios.

A variety of monitoring types and complex data patterns: The business system architecture is complex, the technology stack is diverse, and the construction period is different. This way, the corresponding monitoring tools have various types and complex data forms. For example, how to unify the call chain data generated after microservice transformation with the traditional alarm that the disk usage is over 90%.

Difficulty in efficient and unified visual management: The output format of information is mostly written reports, which cannot be visualized to improve the efficiency of the overall operation.



lans of bank intelligent operation center of Cloudwise make full use of existing monitoring resources, and combine the application performance monitoring data of Cloudwise APM. This provides the features such as alarm strategy, fault management, data sharing, and decision analysis under the complex business model, and finally builds a complete set of technical ecosystem to help users improve the overall IT operation service capability. The following figure shows the architecture of the program.

Cloudwise APM: implants corresponding Smart Agent, collects real-time experience data of users, generates call chain topology, and monitors the degree of business.

Cloudwise ITSM: establishes a new operation service process system for banking business based on ITLE4 and practice.

Cloudwise CMDB: provides data support based on service processes of metadata.

Intelligence operation: visualizes business health, resource utilization, and work order process management to present the value of operation data.




This is an enterprise-class solution that integrates supervision, management and control, and seamlessly supports centralized management of traditional and virtualized cloud infrastructure on a platform. It supports distributed or scalable architectures. This solution can be deployed on mainstream operating system (Linux), hardware platforms, and cloud architectures such as cloud database, cloud storage, and cloud cache. At the same time, this solution follows the module concept. Maintenance and update of software modules do not affect other software modules, which has a strong fault-tolerant ability.

Build an overall intelligent banking operation center.

Find and solve the problems of the business department.

Make the operation more intelligent, simple, and efficient.

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