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Unveiling ingenious products including online payment, non-bank card payment, credit card ePOS, POS payment, fund ETM, one-key payment, etc., Yeepay provides payment solutions for gaming & entertainment, air travel, telecommunications, administration & education, insurance, funds, FMCG chains, e-commerce logistics, and other industries.

Customer pain points

Pain point 1: Yeepay is in rapid growth. So it keeps updating its business systems, which means it often encounters system expandability bottlenecks which cause system faults by even the slightest carelessness. The impact ranges from affected user experience to business system breakdown,

Pain point 2: Without continuous pre-defense, and without timely removal of potential threats, large-scale business operations cannot be guaranteed.

Pain point 3: It is impossible to accurately locate the cause of the problem and to locate the abnormality in the system operation in real time, so it is impossible to evaluate the impact of the problem.

Pain point 4: Yeepay does not have a complete analysis method for monitoring business growth and operation and accurately positioning problems.


Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring IT performance monitoring platform can monitor network quality, business process and CDN performance in 7*24 hours, so it can find performance faults in time.

1. Intelligent monitoring task listing: summary information such as task state, monitoring frequency, monitoring type, exception & recovery, average availability rate, and response time help users instantly locate any fault/exception with a grip on progress of recovery in time and develop visual understanding about performance fluctuations and exceptions of monitoring tasks in local areas, if any.

2. Advance warning in various alert forms: the platform finds problems earlier than users and business departments, so as to secure normal business operation and promote efficiency and the business acceptance of IT staff. operation now has an active paradigm in place of a passive one.

3. Monitoring capability based on API: The monitoring platform is a 7*24-hour full-service process monitoring and early warning platform, which helps users to accurately monitor the overall business performance and quality from the business perspective.

4. Comprehensively monitor CDN services: by comparing the service quality of CDN service providers, find out the related CDN problems and formulate CDN optimization strategies to meet the needs of operation and management.


Provide program warning threshold for each task, and capture the change of website with greater sensitivity. In case of triggering the alarm threshold or website crash, users can immediately discover the performance problems of related websites through the powerful alarm and visual interface provided by Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring. Relevant personnel can be informed in time to reduce losses.

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