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In addition to customized integrated solutions of “payment+” for various industries, e.g., B2B, transport, logistics, banking, insurance or securities, Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd. also provides a package of cross-border payment and integrated financial service solutions including cross-border receipt & payment, settlement and sale of foreign exchange, factoring financing, etc. for national/international customers. Through collection and coordination of other sectors' resources, it provides fintech services such as integrated payment, fund management, supply chain finance and blockchain services as well.

Pain point analysis

As Union Mobile Pay expands its scope of business at a faster pace, former operation paradigms do not suffice to support its huge business system, thus resulting in frequent occurrence of business system problems.

Pain point 1: Union Mobile Pay is booming. But due to the exchange and connection of a variety of data between the business systems, faults cannot be located instantly, which directly influences the business value,

Pain point 2: as soon as problems such as slow page loading and abnormal request confront end users, operation department fails to get the picture instantly, thus resulting in mounting complaints about poor user experience,

Pain point 3:the client’s current business application performance and troubleshooting involves too many departments, which results in inefficient troubleshooting due to difficulty in resource coordination and long troubleshooting time cycles,


Cloudwise APM provides application performance monitoring to secure business stability for Union Mobile Pay.

1. Capable of supporting global IT infrastructure monitoring, Cloudwise APM enables availability monitoring of mission-critical metrics in the infrastructure layer.

2. With functions of automatic topology and analysis, Cloudwise APM enables service chain tracking, so as to instantly locate and aid in addressing relevant problems.


Based on the client's end-user-oriented business systems, monitoring and request address in each core page concerned is immediately added into the mission-critical operation menu, so that operation staff can have an instant and visual view of end user experience and find problems in no time.

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