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R&F Group is engaged in business including real estate design, development, engineering supervision, sales, property management, and real estate agency. As one of the real estate enterprises with top comprehensive strength in China, R&F Group has qualifications including first-class development qualification, first-class design qualification, first-class engineering supervision qualification, first-class property management qualification, and first-class real estate agency qualification issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Operation pain point analysis


As the business scale of R&F Group increases constantly and more and more business systems are launched, the stability of core business systems become extremely important. User experience can be affected by a series of factors including client performance, server performance, network jitter, and API performance. The monitoring scope and granularity of the current monitoring system cannot meet the needs of management and digital development of R&F Group. Therefore, a unified platform covering infrastructure and system performance management is required for business systems of the Group. The monitoring platform must comprehensively monitor the service status and service support capabilities of core systems from a business system-centered perspective, so as to optimize IT operation, prepare basic data for service and system performance analysis, and provide data support for decision-making in IT operation.

The following list describes the challenges in IT operation of the Group:

Multiple business subsystems without a unified platform
1. A wide range of servers, services, applications, databases, and network devices are involved in different business systems. The absence of a unified and comprehensive operation management platform results in great difficulties and high costs in operation.
2.No unified large screen is available for presenting the monitor data on performance of the services, applications, network, and infrastructure.

Difficult to monitor business health
1. The operating status of core systems cannot be monitored in real time, such as whether performance exceptions or errors occur in the network, servers, databases, services, applications, or business systems.
2.The network performance of scenarios when different business systems exchange business data and invoke services cannot be monitored in real time.
3. The experience of users in different services or users from different regions both domestic and aboard cannot be monitored.

Difficult to locate causes of detected system exceptions
1. Problems of business systems cannot be accurately located in real time and faults cannot be reproduced to find the causes.
2.Data cannot be effectively consolidated to maximum its value. Problem causes are not clear, and personnel scheduling is difficult.



① Build a comprehensive IT monitoring system covering monitoring on basic resources, applications, networks, user experiences, and services.

② Based on the big data platform provided by Cloudwise, collect different type and format data from different systems in the production environments of the Group. Then, perform data cleansing and modeling, build monitoring rules from the service perspective, and leverage technologies such as machine learning to implement the alerting feature in different service scenarios.

③ Implement scenarios such as dynamic baseline, alert convergence, and metric exception detection based on the big data and AI technologies.

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1. Servers, networks, applications, and services are under unified monitoring. This improves operation efficiency and reduces operation costs.

2. 24/7 service monitoring is provided. Alerts will be sent to operation personnel in a timely manner to effectively ensure user experience.

3. Complex systems are analyzed to clarify the invocation relationships and service topologies between systems, and data is analyzed in real time. This improves the problem locating efficiency and enables operation personnel to monitor the system operating status.

4. The alerting mechanism is optimized through mobile terminal H5, mobile phone display, and vWork alert notifications. Operation personnel can monitor the performance of services, websites, and servers on their mobile phones.

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