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XD is a well-known game company in China and one of the top 100 Internet companies in China. Its business involves game development and operation, animation production, idol entertainment and other industries.

XD is committed to the development and distribution of web games and mobile games. As a leading game company in China, it owns a range of super popular masterpieces including Shenxiandao, Total Annihilation, Boli, and RO Ragnarok: Guarding Eternal Love. Over the years, the company has continuously improved its all-round layout in the pan-entertainment industry chain and further clarified its future development strategy of shifting from pure game development, operation and distribution to full-scale development in the pan-entertainment industry. The company has successively built and launched brands such as Xindong Entertainment, and achieved diversified development in the fields of idol entertainment and animation IP. It has always been devoted to providing high-quality comprehensive entertainment service experience.

Customer pain points


With the rapid development of the game business in the era of Internet dominated by traffic, it brings great challenges to the company in ensuring healthy and stable service operation and good game experience on the user side. The details are as follows:

Huge business investment: Games have a short lifecycle, and several days of service interruption will directly lead to the loss of early investment.

Many players in the game industry: Due to the high database and bandwidth consumption, long time in preparing infrastructure resources and abundant vulnerabilities that may be attacked, the gateway, bandwidth, database, and charging system may become a breakthrough point in attacks, and related storage system, DNS system, and CDN system will also be attacked.

Many protocol types: It is difficult to use the same defense model to identify and defend against attacks. Many game servers comply with proprietary encryption protocols and their safety cannot be verified using a common challenging mechanism.

High real-time performance demanded: Games must be online in 7/24.

Fierce competition in the game industry: DDoS attack, a relatively common type of traffic attack on the Internet, becomes a tool used to bring down competitors. DDoS attack involves sending a large number of junk requests to occupy the bandwidth resources of the target server, in an attempt to cause access delay or crash on the target network. Users cannot access server hosts under DDoS attacks.



The Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring is deployed to build a real-time monitoring system to protect the official website of XD.COM, login, recharging, official website of Shenxiandao, and other core services from such dimensions as website monitoring, webpage performance monitoring, and API monitoring.

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Website monitoring: The monitoring platform monitors internal and external websites and complies with related protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, Ping, DNS, FTP, TCP, UDP, and Traceroute to detect problems ahead of users, ensuring user experience.

Webpage performance management: By comprehensively monitoring the page availability, page performance, resource availability, resource performance, and FCP, the monitoring platform quickly and accurately locate the specific causes and regions of website performance problems based on page performance and website resource monitoring results, accurately determining network, CDN, server, and webpage performance problems.

API monitoring: Based on hundreds of monitoring nodes around the world, the API monitoring module monitors the status of APIs in real time, including availability, correctness, response time, and other performance data. Real-time alarm and analysis on historical statistics assist customers to quickly identify and resolve problems, so as to lower the operation costs and reduce service loss.



Active real-time monitoring: Over 200 IDC monitoring sites around the world monitor the health status of the businesses of XD in real time.

Fast optimization problem: In August 2020, the response speed on the homepage of XD started to decrease. The Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring helped the customer optimize the TCP connection establishment time and front-end code, and improved the website performance significantly.


Real-time alarm: The alarm mechanism notifies related operation personnel to handle faults and problems in a timely manner, ensuring stable service operation.

Economic benefits: In line with the principle of lowering costs and improving efficiency, the Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring performs comprehensive data analysis and value conversion from the cost reduction, loss reduction, efficiency improvement, business growth, and initial investment dimensions, saving about RMB141.72 million a year for the customer.


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