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This is an Internet company operating mobile phone, smart hardware, and IoT platform as its core businesses. It has been established for only 7 years but its business spreads to over 80 countries and regions in the world. The company's investment has spurred more like-minded entrepreneurs and built an IoT platform that connects more than 130 million smart devices.



The e-commerce covers 32 regions and countries and initiates sales promotion and seckill activities in different time periods. This raises high requirements for the availability and response speed of the e-commerce platform, supply chain, warehousing, and a series of auxiliary systems.

E-commercelogin, search, shopping cart, and order placing.

Payment (interconnected to third-party platforms).

Connection availability and response speed of warehousing systems in different regions.

CDN monitoring.



The e-commerce business system covers multiple countries in the world and has a huge number of users.
The Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring platform is deployed to efficiently ensure customer experience and avoid customer churn caused by poor performance.

Business systems including the e-commerce business system cover multiple countries in the world and have a huge number of users. The customer is concerned about user experience, and CDN acceleration is applied for related services. Currently, CDN service monitoring accounts for the largest part of monitoring tasks. The platform monitors the performance and faults of the CDN nodes around the world in real time, and generates alerts when detecting long time consumption or faults.

The platform monitors the availability and performance of the e-commerce business system, warehousing and logistic system, official website DNS, e-commerce app interface, and network links, and focuses on the user experience of key services.

Data from multiple sources is collected in a unified manner through the operation big data platform. Data processing processes can be created through dragging, facilitating fast modeling and efficient data processing.

Through the Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring, simulation monitoring nodes are deployed in 23 regions for monitoring core business system websites and network disks using the http/https, Ping, DNS, and Traceroute protocols.

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Benefits and value to the customer

Monitoring on the connectivity, availability, and response speed of key links of the operation system based on services.

24/7 active and consecutive monitoring.

Support for problem traceback through the historical snapshot and MTR functions.

Alert function that enables operation personnel and service personnel to resolve problems in advance and avoid user complaints.

Report function for problem analysis and trend analysis.

Loss reduction in ROI analysis

The Group achieved a revenue of 114.6 billion RMB in mainland China and 91.2 billion RMB in other regions around the world in 2019.

Assume that the e-commerce contributes to 50% of the revenue. The annual sales volume of the e-commerce was 100 billion RMB, the daily business volume was 280 million RMB, and the hourly business volume was about 12 million RMB in 2019.

Network faults or page problems will cause at least 12 million RMB loss in the business volume if they are identified and resolved one hour later.

1000 quota contracts contribute to a revenue of about 1 million every year. The ROI is about 12:1.

operation efficiency improvement

Improve the efficiency in identifying and resolving application problems in the production environment, add actual user experience data, and optimize the performance of the app.

The full-channel alerting system helps operation personnel identify application performance problems timely.

Diversified data analysis content and timely and accurate performance problem resolution ensure the operation SLA and service quality.

Product optimization

User behavior analysis helps mobile-end R&D personnel improve user experience and increase the user conversion rate.

Full-stack transaction tracing helps R&D personnel optimize the service logic to improve the overall performance of applications.

All-round performance monitoring and analysis helps product personnel evaluate the product performance before launch, thereby reducing online operation risks.

Efficient management

Multidimensional analysis data provides direct data support for management personnel to make scientific decisions.

The unified APM platform boosts efficient collaboration and cooperation in problem identification and resolution.

Enterprise knowledge is accumulated to improve the internal working efficiency.

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