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Founded at the end of 2016, Goat Games was formerly intended to take charge of worldwide distribution for a top 10 Chinese distributor with global vision. It is favored by nearly ten million players from over a hundred countries in the world and ranked on top of Google Play and App Store bestseller rankings in many states for distributing games, e.g., War and Magic, over the past few years. In earlier 2019, it duly spun off under the support of its parent company (Boton Technology) to become a new global mobile gaming brand with development and operation --Goat Games.

Up to now its games have been distributed in 148 countries around the world with 12 native language translations. Its masterpiece War and Magic tops 5 national bestseller rankings and is listed among top 10 bestsellers in 7 states/regions with worldwide user population of 8.5 million.

Customer pain points


Constant business diversity and penetration, sound operation of relevant businesses in domestic network in particular, has immediate impact on user experience and poses a great challenge to operation staff in ways set forth as follows:

Whether service sites around the world can maintain normal operations.

Whether network links are normally available.

Whether CDN service quality and acceleration is satisfactory.

Whether regional ISPs' network sustain normal operations.



Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring with the function of network quality monitoring enables distributed monitoring nodes of the firm’s national/international websites, CDN acceleration, and server domain name via Cloudwise monitoring points distributed around the world. Metrics including network stability, service port availability, network route stability, page element loading and DNS resolution accuracy are monitored to quickly identify and resolve problems.

Monitor any designated URL in Web site through HTTP/HTTPS for guarantee on website availability.

Determine connectivity of network links via Ping, DNS and TraceRoute.

Monitor availability rate and response time of ports by dint of relevant protocols, including TCP, UDP, FTP, etc.

Demonstrate regional performance of CDN services through comparison of acceleration performance.



A world map is offered for real-time view of availability status, response time and mean availability rate among other metrics of websites around the world.

API port performance monitoring is aimed at enhancing overall business quality through accurate perception of end-user experience.

Monitoring snapshot data is kept for extensive reference of troubleshooting and data analysis for operation staff.

The system delivers reports on a regular basis to provide grounds for business development decisions.

7/24 real-time intelligent monitoring enables operation staff to instantly find problems and notify relevant faults in time based on mechanisms of before-event prediction, during-event treatment and after-event analysis.

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