Comprehensively monitor the running status of infrastructure to ensure the normal operation of the system in real time

IT Operations management
IoT monitoring
Network infrastructure monitoring

Grasp the application status of IT infrastructure in real time, and help users establish a complete monitoring system

Operating system monitoring

Storage device monitoring

Hardware equipment monitoring

Database monitoring

Middleware monitoring

Monitor the process, thread, performance, port, service, log, and file information of the operating system.

Monitor metrics such as capacity, disk, volume, Raid, event, controller, storage pool, adapter, port, network status, availability and performance of storage deivices.

Monitor the fan, power supply, CPU, memory, disk, port, temperature, and other metrics of hardware infrastructure.

Monitor database connection status, cache pool, table space, buffer, and running status.

Monitor the connection status, thread, session, message queue, service status, Mass URL, performance, cache, and other metrics of middleware.

Grasp the health status of IoT facilities in real time and help customers predict risks, reduce costs, and increase efficiency

IoT infrastructure monitoring

Engine room dynamic environment monitoring

Video quality monitoring

Collect the status and attribute data of IoT infrastructures in a unified way to secure data for operation control and business operation.

Perform the 3D visual monitoring of power, environment, security, fire protection, access control, and camera to improve the management efficiency of the engine room.

3D visual monitoring of power, environment, security, fire protection, access control, camera and other data to improve the management efficiency of the engine room.

Monitor and analyze the operating status and traffic of the entire network facility in a high frequent way, and quickly locate network problems

Network infrastructure monitoring

Flow analysis

Network configuration analysis

Monitor key metrics, such as network traffic, packet quality, port status, to ensure network stability.

Analyze the whole network traffic, monitor network fluctuation, load, and delay, and support network operation.

Manage network equipment configuration by comprehensive network equipment configuration change and compliance management solution.

User scenarios

Integrated monitoring

Realize unified resource management, real-time monitoring, and fault location, and provide integrated solutions for monitoring and management of various infrastructures by modeling, index collection, and alert management of equipment, dynamic environment infrastructures and IoT infrastructures based on standards.

Cloud heterogeneous environment monitoring

Based on architecture design and virtualization technology of cloud mode and collection processor and proxy mode of cloud nodes, the monitoring scope can be expanded at any time, and the monitoring and management can be unified across platforms, networks and security policy environments under various heterogeneous modes.

Smart community monitoring

Based on diversified deployment methods and high-performance data collection capabilities covering a large number of devices, real-time monitoring and regular inspections of the infrastructure in the community are carried out. Provide the real-time warning feature of facilities based on the multi-dimensional data analysis capabilities of the equipment. Help the community to establish a three-dimensional full-cycle equipment operation management.

Bank unified intelligent monitoring

Collect comprehensive indicators to form a data dictionary based on analysis, merging, and normalization of operation data for heterogeneous monitoring system and log system in the bank. Combine the SLA standard indicator measurement of the bank and alerting process to form a data-based management and control mechanism as well as unified service standards.


A large number of
acquisition models

Out-of-the-box index collection model and CI data collection model can be installed quickly, and can be monitored after data is collected and adapted, which is simple and convenient.

Comprehensive ecological monitoring

Built-in collectors and various common devices can monitor various indicators, and perform the distributed collection of IT resources, dynamic environment, and IoT, to realize the full coverage monitoring.

Multiple deployment modes

Adopt a flexible and highly extensible five-layer architecture and have multiple deployment modes based on different requirements.

Multidimensional visualization

Display various information by using various topologies, 3D views and dashboard, provide data support to solve problems quickly, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operation costs.

Horizontal/vertical scale

Support multi-area computer room monitoring based on the message middleware + TS mode such as various computer rooms, logical isolation, and network gate isolation, and realize cross-domain flexible expansion.


Support the monitoring requirements of more than 100,000 monitoring points, monitoring frequency within 5 to 20 seconds, tens of billions of lines, and response time within seconds based on a large number of databases.

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