To be customer value-oriented, Cloudwise ITSM integrates theories and technologies such as ITIL, agile development, and knowledge graph to help users build a high-quality and efficient IT service management system. Cloudwise ITSM also helps enterprises to master the advanced operation and management processes, and empower customers for digital transformation.

User scenarios

IT service process management

Improve the practical ability of ITIL and provide the service management processes such as service request, fault, problem, change, release, configuration, and service directory management.

Service level and quality assessment

Evaluate the work efficiency of IT service personnel based on the work order SLA. Evaluate the quality of enterprise IT service by monitoring all kinds of work order data. Quantitatively evaluate the results to continuously improve the service quality.

Daily work management

Provide solutions for IT operations by routine work, duty, knowledge management, calendar change, messages, and visual reports.


Adequate process templates

Out-of-the-box built-in typical ITIL process can meet the general needs of enterprise IT service management.

Flexible process engine

ITSM has an efficient processes engine that supports diversified work order process, multiple work order processing and allocation methods, and dynamic forms, and manages work orders in any scenario.


Support mobile office. H5 can freely connect to WeCom, DingTalk and other apps to perform mobile operations.

Smart assistant

Support NLU conversations and operations and provide end users with QA questions and answers, work order assistance, monitoring assistance, inspection assistance, service requests, and task script services to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Quantifiable value model

Establish valuation methods and assessment systems based on the quantifiable value model of ITIL4 and create value by IT services.

Intelligent automation

Use integrated AI technologies and automation tools to implement automatic assignment, automatic creation, automatic execution, fault self-healing, and service request automation of work orders.

Integrated with
Cloudwise solutions

Connect various activities in IT operation and service management, support users to build a unified IT management and control center by using Cloudwise solutions, reduce the complexity of platform service interfaces, and effectively improve the utilization of enterprise IT resources.

Professional service
management consulting

Cooperate with partners and experts to provide customers with one-stop configuration management consulting.

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