Background of IT construction in the real estate industry:

Under the continuous influence of technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Intelligent Construction Site (ICONS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), more and more real estate groups have begun to re-examine their own IT constructions. Enterprises in this industry need more keen insights into the market and the ability of quick implementation. CRIC statistics show that more than 80% real estate enterprises have started digital transformation and more than 50% real estate enterprises have established digital teams. The rapid development of the digitalization process has improved the granularity of IT operation.

Based on the characteristics of IT business in the digital real estate industry, the drastically expanding operation scope requires a transition from the traditional basic monitoring to full-stack IT-empowered monitoring through the integration of data, algorithms, and scenarios. The following list describes the full-stack IT-empowered monitoring:

1. The roles of operation: IT, application operation, databases, and outsourcing operation.
2. The equipments of operation: IoT sensors, POS in shopping malls, intelligent home devices for decorated apartments.
3. The procedure of operation: equipment repairs, system errors, internal processes, and IT processes.
4. The systems of operation: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), financial system, BIM, intelligent parking, intelligent entrance control, Building Management System (BMS) videos, monitoring and alert systems, all-purpose card system, and entrance and exit control system.

General problems in real estate operation:

1. Operation pressure brought by digitization to IT development in real estate industry

(1) Cost pressure arising out of rapid expansion of resources and systems.

(2) Operation pressure of IT resources brought by migration to the cloud.

(3) Maintenance pressure due to complicated IoT system environments.

(4) Service pressure in consequence of heaps of pending requests from multiple internal systems.

(5) Monitoring pressure of failed to detect faults due to sections not covered.

(6)Pressure of cost and resource waste stemming from inaccurate and incomplete data of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

2. From “addition” to “subtraction”: request for fine-grained operation cost management

(1) Rough resource application system due to time saving and process acceleration: omission of procedures, records, or approvals.

(2) Cost reduction, asset reorganization, and data governance in later processes.

3. Insufficient or no internal empowering in operation

(1) Unpreparedness for festival promotion, dynamic capacity expansion, and pressure testing.

(2) Failure to improve efficiency automatically due to slow application for resources.

(3) Incomplete monitoring and with no application-level monitoring.

(4) Some operation data such as APP logons and page access numbers unavailable.



The solution provided by Cloudwise for the real estate industry is based on data, has algorithms as the core, and orient toward scenarios.


Application performance management module: Analyze metrics such as user experience and behaviors in the client-end, user experience and behaviors in websites, application performance in the server-end, automatic business topology, host performance, end-to-end performance, and problem reproduction of frequently used systems such as the Business Process Management (BPM) system and marketing system.

Cloudwise Cloudwise

Network link monitoring module: Monitor and analyze the availability of network links between the head office and branches located in different regions.

Infrastructure monitoring: Unified monitoring management of internal servers, network devices, storage, databases, middleware, supervision systems, and operating systems ensures infrastructure stability and instant problem discovery.

IT service management: Design IT service system and framework, build IT service management procedures and regulations, and form a full set of solutions and procedures for process optimization through consolidation of all internal procedures of the IT center. Combine personnel, technology , regulations, and processes together effectively to make operation more standard and efficient.

CMDB: Provide comprehensive management of operation metadata at the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS layers covering public cloud, private cloud and data centers. Define relationship of relevant IT objects and provide information for service processes, automation, and monitoring as the metadata foundation.

Cloudwise Cloudwise



The solution provided by Cloudwise for the real estate industry upgrades IT architecture in all aspects to boost and direct business innovation and development, and promote core competitiveness of enterprises in the real estate industry on a sustainable basis.

Accurate attribution of IT resources for precise cost control.

Full coverage of monitoring for discovering problems in time and reducing downtime.

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) dashboard for discovering service quality bottlenecks in a quick manner.

Accumulating operation data to provide data-driven assistance to business departments in risk control and digital ecosystem integration.

Resolving problems such as tickets, knowledge base, satisfaction, intelligent Q&A, and incomplete system processes through IT service platform to improve operation efficiency.

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