Driven by the Internet boom, industries such as aviation, tourism, education, insurance, retail, and finance have begun the process of digital transformation. The integration of material flow, capital flow, and information flow has promoted the use of online payment in all walks of life. Payment has also become a breakthrough point for Internet companies to penetrate into the financial field as the times require. The media, channels and technologies of payment are changing rapidly, payment scenarios are continuously enriching, user experience is greatly improved, and transaction scales are growing rapidly. However, practical problems are also existed in business operation, management, and monitoring due to the complex chain of online payment with multiple parties involved in the whole process.

Payment involves multiple scenarios such as multiple products, upstream and downstream channels, clearing and settlement, and payment with funds from different channels. Payment business is under great pressure.

The complexity and difficulty of multiple payment channels, self-management channels, payment quality and efficiency, business monitoring and maintenance management have increased, which puts forward higher requirements on the timeliness, accuracy and predictability of the existing management mode.

The data monitoring capability is insufficient, especially when it comes to the monitoring of transaction funds and customer experience. Therefore, corresponding monitoring and management methods are required.



The solution for intelligent online payment monitoring platform provided by Cloudwise facilitates building a digital payment operation mid-platform based on data with digital operation as the breakthrough point and the core for digital transformation. The solution makes full use of the massive data generated by the original business system, management system, and payment operation system of the enterprise, and applies AI technologies such as real-time processing of massive big data and machine learning. This way, the platform can help handle information and management faults between the operation and business systems, gradually build a digital operation architecture, and endow the business with the iteration, innovation, and trial and error capabilities to make management more efficient and optimize customer experience.

Business-oriented monitoring
Monitors and analyzes business performance from the dimensions such as payment capacity, transaction, user tag, payment product, and payment channel.


User experience monitoring
Monitors user experience worldwide and presents the performance in the regional heat map. The details of user payment experience in different regions are obtained by drilling down in different regions.


Payment application monitoring
Monitors and manages the transaction processing load, performance, transaction processing error rate, and exceptions of key payment applications, gateways, and products in multiple dimensions.




The solution for intelligent online payment monitoring platform provided by Cloudwise can help customers make all-round digital transformation of payment business from multiple dimensions:

Build a unified digital business operation monitoring platform: Connect with key payment systems and channels, establish standardized data interfaces, regularly initiate data extraction requests based on business needs, obtain real-time transaction data, monitor real-time transaction data of specific business systems and products, and provide real-time data support for decision analysis.

Visualization management of payment business: Present data of common transaction metrics in a visualized way, present data on large screens dynamically, freely combine transaction metrics prefabricated by the system, and allow users to generate and save custom business monitoring reports. The content of the reports is displayed in downloadable charts, which can be in common formats such as table, trend chart, and bar graph.

Full-channel management of payment: Allow users to maintain and query the quotas and transaction permissions of existing payment channels in a parametric way.

User experience management: Monitor user experience in an all-round way, monitor business performance and handle risks in a timely manner, continuously optimize business processes, and improve customer service and management level.

Warning on business exceptions: Configure and manage warning thresholds and rules for specific transaction metrics. Each metric can select to be prompted through the in-line short message platform.

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