In an era of economic globalization, merchandising channels become diversified and add complexity to the supply chain. Fluctuation has become part of routine in the supply chain development of China. During the Black Friday and Christmas season, orders exponentially go through the roof and accordingly pose a daunting challenge to capacity of the supply chain. The problem of managing en route transportation of thousands of orders and distribution and status of tens of thousands of goods has therefore become a core issue for logistics enterprises to expand sustainably.

Logistics-related business systems have to deal with massive orders around major promotions such as Black Friday or Christmas every year. Without a high-performance and timely monitoring system, the operation teams will be confronted with a tremendous amount of pressure.

Logistics-related business systems abound, including enterprise-owned business systems and interfaces existed in the whole industry. The inconsistent qualities of the interfaces heavily affect the stable operation of enterprise business. No effective monitoring solutions are implemented on calls on the interfaces, and therefore the enterprises can only fix problems instead of detecting them. This has lead to inefficient problem solving.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a typical commitment of logistics enterprises to customers, which is intended for just-in-time delivery of goods. As agreed, if delivery of goods is delayed by system disruptions or interface exceptions, the logistics enterprises will have to pay customers damages in the corresponding amount, resulting in adverse impact on the revenues.

Some logistics enterprises have well-defined procedures for timely troubleshooting. For example, alert escalation may need to be conducted every 30 mins in fault time by level from staff on duty to manager and eventually to IT director or general manager. In this case, the operation team must locate causes and handle exceptions in a timely manner. However, the problem is that a considerable amount of time and energy is generally needed for such analysis.

A logistics enterprise depends on its IT system in handling almost all its business problems. If a business metric such as orders goes downgrade, the business department will first come to this conclusion: The IT system breaks down. In this case, the operation team will need to conduct actions such as troubleshooting and analyzing immediately to determine whether the metric exception is due to the IT system.



The intelligent operation solution for logistics provided by Cloudwise is centered around algorithms and oriented in scenarios. The solution can connect IT to business and drive development in both areas to promote digital transformation of the enterprises.


Worldwide proactive monitoring module: By developing monitoring sites in 100+ regions and zones around the world, Cloudwise provides proactive monitoring on the official websites and key interfaces of logistics enterprises. The success rate of access to monitored objects, performance of network links, and validness of returned results are all monitored, and alerts are given in case of exceptions. The logistics enterprises can also deploy monitoring sites in areas of their branches or warehouses themselves to ensure that business is smoothly carried out in those areas.

Mobile endpoint monitoring module: By adding Cloudwise smartSDK to applications in mobile endpoints such as code scanning smartphones or Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), R&D personnel can optimize application performance based on the monitored key metrics such as collapse rate, network error rate, and response time. This can improve the working efficiency and satisfaction of staff about mobile endpoints and prevent affecting goods turnover. In addition, this module can track the using of a specific member based on the unique identifier to ensure that feedback from every members can be analyzed and addressed in time.

Application monitoring module: In consequence of complicated call relationship among IT systems of logistics enterprises and maturity of advanced Internet technologies, enterprise applications are evolving towards containerized and micro-serviced. smartAgent provided by Cloudwise can assess performance of external systems or third-party interfaces called by internal business systems to determine whether internal business systems are affected by exceptions in the external systems and take measures such as service degrade to protect business from such impact.

Event management module: Enterprise personnel can customize alert notification templates based on the receivers. For example, in the events of faults, customers will be informed of interface exceptions and notifications with details of the faults will be sent to technical personnel. In addition, a flexible alert escalation mechanism is also provided including from staff on duty to line manager, manager, and eventually director. The alert notifications can be sent through e-mails, messages, DingTalk, and phone calls to ensure that the corresponding receivers are notified in time and the SLA is discharged.

Cloudwise Cloudwise



The intelligent logistics solution provided by Cloudwise can upgrade IT architecture in all aspects to boost and direct business innovation and development, and promote core competitiveness of an enterprise in the logistics industry on a sustainable basis.

Showcases for sound working performance of IT teams through visualization of IT and business health.

Proactive monitoring accurate to seconds for timely problem discovery and downtime reduction.

Monitoring on performance of external systems and third-party interfaces.

Accumulation of operation data to provide data-driven assistance to facilitate business departments to control risks and integrate digital ecosystem.

Cloudwise Cloudwise

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