In recent years, with the development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and IoT, manufacturing enterprises have begun to attach great importance to the information construction of the entire value chain of "order-supply-production- circulation". The relationship between different systems including PLM, ERP, APS, and MES is becoming more and more close. With the continuously deepening of IT system construction and the continuously expanding of the scale of assets, IT architectures are becoming more and more complex and pose huge challenges to IT operation.

Interrupted network links lead to interrupted production.

Inability to track the status, location, and performance of tens of thousands of IT devices, and lack of monitoring on IoT tools and equipments.

Key business systems such as MES and APS respond slowly during peak hours, affecting the production progress.

IT personnel finds it difficult to locate and analyze a fault during fault retrieval because multiple monitoring systems can generate a large number of alerts, causing unnecessary distractions.



The solution provides a unified monitoring on resources such as IT infrastructure, network links, key business systems, applications, middleware, and databases. This can help to realize timely detection of equipment failures, handle IT system events and problems, quickly locate exceptions, and minimize the mean time to repair (MTTR). Therefore, the efficiency and quality of equipment operation can be ensured and the productivity can be improved.
The following content describes the overall system architecture:

Infrastructure monitoring: Cloudwise provides comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, supporting all major public cloud service providers, private cloud platforms, and local infrastructure environments, covering servers, network devices, storage, databases, middleware, operating systems for unified monitoring to ensure stable infrastructure operation and quick problem detection.

Network link monitoring: Cloudwise performs network link feasibility analysis on connected machines, and monitors network connection of IP addresses and ports through distributed private monitoring sites around the world. This can track the key network metrics and therefore solve network issues in a quick manner.

Business health monitoring: Cloudwise enables manufacturing enterprises to understand the health and performance of IT digital assets in real time.The platform provides end-to-en operation analysis and performance reports from a business perspective. The analysis of application performance can go as deeply as the code layer so that the engineering personnel can accurately evaluate the operation of the entire IT environment, understand performance bottlenecks, find potential faults, assess corresponding threats, and respond as early as possible based on the monitor data.

IT assets digital centralization: The data from different applications, physical devices, and operating platforms is centralized to a unified platform. The engineering personnel can view the digital operation of all equipments in real time, which can empower the IT service center for subsequent changes and events management.

ITSM: Build a unified operation monitoring platform, design the IT service system and framework, build IT service management procedures and regulations, and form a full set of solutions and procedures for process optimization through consolidation of all procedures within the IT center. Combine personnel, technology , regulations, and processes together effectively to make operation more standard and efficient.

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The solution for the unified monitoring and management platform provided by Cloudwise for the manufacturing industry is centered around "full-stack monitoring, intelligent alerting, and monitoring visualization". The solution helps deal with IT system events and issues in a timely manner to enhance the insights on data of the operation personnel and ensure the reliability and business continuity of the business systems to the greatest extent.

End-to-end performance monitoring: Build a comprehensive monitoring system to monitor core infrastructure equipments, business systems, and user experience on a 24/7 basis, helping IT personnel quickly find problems and locate performance bottlenecks as well as improving event and fault handling capabilities.

Unified alert platform: Unify alerts for resources such as infrastructure equipments, application systems, and logs. Intelligent alert strategies can accurately predict faults, centralize data, unify operation standards and management regulations, reduce distractions to operation, and improve the overall operation performance.

Asset digitalization empowering: Establish the management warehouse of IT equipments, improve the accumulation of details such as equipment configurations, drive IT operation with data, and improve IT operation efficiency.

Unified service portal: Solve the problems of complex portals, low efficiency, and difficult problem tracing and management based on ITIL 4. Implement AIOps through monitoring, IM, accessing intelligent robot data, and exploring intelligent algorithm models. Enterprises can guarantee the stability of the business systems by monitoring the digital operation and management capabilities.

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