The media and entertainment industry is a full aggregation and compilation of attractions such as live streaming, films and television, online games, virtual reality, and sports. The industry is now in a stage of rapid development. With a tremendous number of user access, the availability and response performance of the involved APPs or websites have become the key to business development, directly affecting user experience and user retention rate. The IT personnel must guarantee the 24/7 availability of these APPs or websites to gain a higher market share. Enterprises in the industry are confronted with the following problems:

The experience of global users accessing the APPs or websites cannot be monitored continuously through traditional monitoring methods. It's difficult to collect access rate of users from everywhere in a real-time basis, and therefore impossible to predict risks in advance. The enterprises can only passively "put out the fire" after users complain.

The global network environment varies differently, and it is impossible to know the network quality of each ISP and identify all network performance problems.

The core features such as logon, registration, and payment in the APPs or websites are particularly important to media and entertainment enterprises. The enterprises are currently in need for high-frequency 24/7 proactive monitoring on these core features and in-time alerts when availability or accuracy declines.

The enterprises are lack of tracing records to reproduce issues related to customer complaints or system errors.

R&D teams in the enterprises regularly optimize the performance of web pages, but with no specific goals. They need performance data of websites provided by other media and entertainment enterprises as a reference.

The enterprises find it hard to evaluate the performance and quality of services provided by third-party providers. For example, enterprises in the media and entertainment industry always use CDNs to accelerate web page distribution to optimize user experience. However, the enterprises cannot assess the performance of the CDNs because they have no terminal data to evaluate the optimization brought by the CDNs.



Cloudwise uses distributed monitoring sites deployed worldwide to conduct high-frequency proactive monitoring on the websites and core APIs of media and entertainment enterprises. In this way, the availability of key systems such as logon, registration, and payment in different cities and regions can be monitored. When metrics such as the availability of key websites and APIs decline significantly, IT personnel of the media and entertainment enterprises can immediately receive the alerts issued by Cloudwise, and analyze causes of the issues based on the monitoring snapshots provided by Cloudwise.


The following list describes some major points of the solution:

Monitoring sites are selected based on business distribution of the enterprises to initiate ultra-high-frequency proactive monitoring on specific websites and APIs. Cloudwise currently has more than 200 monitoring sites worldwide, and supports rapid deployment of monitoring sites in specified cities to meet monitoring requirements of the enterprises. The monitoring frequency can be as high as once per minute per site, ensuring that enterprises can receive alert notifications on a timely basis.

Continuous and proactive monitoring is carried out on key interfaces such as logon, registration, and payment to determine whether returned values are valid in real time, ensuring the availability of the interfaces.

Custom host technology is used to enable monitoring sites to simultaneously and proactively monitor the CDN-accelerated websites as well as the source websites, so as to assess the CDN performance.

The same monitoring site is used to proactively monitor the specified competition website to analyze the performance gap between the websites from both sides and obtain references on optimization of the web pages. This can help build the core competitiveness for the company.




The distributed monitoring solution provided by Cloudwise can ensure the availability of websites, key interfaces such as logon, registration, and payment, and business processes of media and entertainment enterprises.

24/7 high-frequency continuous monitoring:  Provide 24/7 proactive monitoring for media and entertainment enterprises to ensure the availability of key systems such as official websites, live streaming, terminals, payment, APPs, advertising, and gaming platforms. The alerts that respond in seconds can enable the enterprises to initiate troubleshooting in the shortest time possible to control the situation as well as improve the business continuity of the application systems.

Distributed monitoring:  Ensure user experience everywhere and continuously increase user stickiness, acting as the core competitiveness of media and entertainment enterprises.

Competitive product analysis:   A non-intrusive proactive monitoring mechanism is used to provide access performance analysis of the websites provided by other enterprises in the industry. This can provide important references for user experience optimization and help increase the enterprise competitiveness.

CDN analysis:  The enterprises can require CDN service providers to continuously adhere to SLAs, and compare the acceleration effects of CDNs provided by different service providers based on monitor data to make reasonable CDN purchasing decisions.

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