Technology enterprises are seeing more and more sophisticated IT architectures as they make consistent and in-depth effort on IT system construction. The IT systems and related new technologies applied pose challenges to IT operation in many ways regardless of the mountains of benefits for enterprise business and management. The following list describes the major challenges:

No full-stack fault perspective: From the perspective of business-oriented full-link monitoring, many sections are not covered in the current monitoring range. Therefore, IT enterprises find that full-stack monitoring on objects and metrics especially including frontend links and user experience in business systems is basically unachievable.

No proactive global monitoring: Typically, IT enterprises establish branches both at home and abroad. Therefore, a big challenge for the operation departments is that how to guarantee the access to business systems and monitor network performance in all the branches.

No standardized service management process: Thousands of employees in all branches are confronted with various working problems but have no unified portal to report the problems. This way, the difficulty to locate and handle the problems can highly affect the overall operation efficiency.



The solution allows the technology enterprise to use a unified monitoring platform to monitor the overall IT performance in a comprehensive and accurate way. With the platform, the enterprise is able to monitor all resources such as IT infrastructure, network links, key business systems and applications, middleware, and databases in a centralized way. This way, the enterprise can proactively detect and handle system exceptions, and centralize operation and monitor data.

Monitor business health: With the unified monitoring platform, IT operation personnel can view running performance of all objects as well as end-to-end analysis and performance reports on the business system. The platform can facilitate building centralized visual data charts as well as the KPI system. The personnel can evaluate the overall IT environment performance based on the provided data, proactively detect and troubleshoot exceptions, and respond in a timely manner.

Proactively monitor websites 24/7: Cloudwise provides IDC worldwide to proactively monitor the performance of your websites and network in all branches and therefore ensure the availability of your business.

Standardize service process: Based on ITIL, the platform can support service processes such as management of service requests, exceptions, issues, changes, releases, configurations, and service catalogs of the technology enterprise.

The following figure describes the architecture of the platform.




Revolving around "Full-stack monitoring, proactive monitoring, and standardized process", the solution for operation management of technology enterprises provided by Cloudwise can help proactively discover and handle exceptions of IT systems in a timely manner. Therefore, the solution can facilitate improving efficiency of operation departments and ensuring the reliability and stability of business systems.

Full-stack monitoring: The solution can help IT operation personnel accelerate the process of discovering and locating exceptions through end-to-end performance tracing and 24/7 continuous monitoring on key business systems and user-end scenarios.

Proactive monitoring: A worldwide distributed monitoring network enables 24/7 continuous and high-frequency monitoring on business and networks and therefore ensures availability of business systems of technology enterprises. The alert that responds in seconds enables operation personnel to initiate troubleshooting in the shortest time, so as to control the fault scenarios. In this case, the business continuity of applications can be improved.

Standardized process: The solution can help establish a unified service portal for a technology enterprise and assess work efficiency of IT service personnel based on the SLA on tickets. The quality and value of IT service are assessed from a global perspective based on the monitor data of the tickets. Targeted quantitative evaluations are carried out to improve the quality of services. The solution also provides features such as management on routine work, duty, knowledge base, release calendar, messages, and report visualization to make operation more efficient.

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